Water cooling tower installation service in Morocco, Cooling tower filming systems produced by our company are used in our country and in many countries around the world. Cooling tower filament systems are generally used in food, salt, textile, chemical, mineral, cement, glass and ceramics, forest products industries, dams, irrigation canals, fish farms, cooling towers, agriculture and livestock sector, HEPP projects, in short, wherever there is water This system is used.

Most ventilation systems and industrial processes produce heat that needs to be transported and distributed. Water is commonly used as a heat transfer medium to transport the heat from the cooling condenser or from the industrial process heat exchanger. In the past, this; a continuous water river was drawn from a useful water source or a natural water source. The water was heated as it passed through the process and then it was discharged directly into a drain or returned to the water itself. For this purpose, water from ancillary services has become expensive because of the increasing water needs and disposal costs. Similarly, the cooling water drawn from natural sources is virtually inaccessible, because the factors that disrupt the ecology of water resources caused by the increased temperature of the draining water became unacceptable. Air-cooled heat exchangers can be used to cool the water by throwing heat directly into the atmosphere; but the first cost and the energy consumption of the ventilator of these vehicles is high. They can economically cool the water to about 11 ° C from the dry bulb temperature. Such temperatures are very high for most cooling systems and the cooling water requirements of most industrial processes.
Cooling towers overcome many of these problems. It is therefore widely used to remove heat from coolant coolers, ventilation and industrial process systems. The water consumption rate of the cooling tower system is only 5% of the single-pass system and is the cheapest system to work with received water supplies. In addition, the heated water is very low so that the environmental impact is greatly reduced. Finally, cooling towers can cool the water by 20 o C lower than 2 203 o C ambient humidifier temperature or by normal ventilation systems.
As Ctp engineering we provide services to all cities of Morocco. We are mainly providing water cooling tower installation and professional transportation service to every point including Marrakech, Rabat, Fes, Casablanca, Meknes.