Cooling towers, which are structurally large and long using serpentines, cost as much as five quadrats in comparison to open circuits, and have a high investment cost. Repairs of the serpentines are almost impossible. For this reason, great care must be taken during their use.

Especially in heavy winter conditions, it is necessary to use antifreeze in very high ratios in cooling water of such towers. Otherwise, the bursting of the serpentines is inevitable in the case of a power outage for several hours or failure of the circulation pump.

Also, whatever the serpentines are coated with, they will start to rust after a year of coating or painting. This rusting process will continue to increase until the pipe bursts.

The conditioning chemicals used in closed circuit water cooling towers are also very important. When used improperly, it can trigger a series of negativities, starting with rapid calcification of the serpentine surface or creating effects that will accelerate the corrosion of the serpentine surface.