Cooling tower efficiency, The main components of closed cooling tower consists of machine set, water basin, circulating water pump and electric control cabinet. The machine set consists of casing, heat exchanger coils,cooling fans, spray pumps, dehydrater, water basin, and pipeline valves.

During the operation of the equipment, the cooling medium (soft water, oil or other liquid) is driven by the main circulating pump to circulate between the coils and the equipment to be cooled. The spray water is evenly sprayed on the cooler to form a uniform water film on the surface. Cold air enters the tower from the air-inlet grill below the tower body, and passes through the surface of the cooling coil in countercurrent to the spray water. In this process, there are two heat exchange modes

Heat conduction between the cold air and the cooling medium, The spray water evaporates and absorbs heat. After the heat is absorbed, the saturated hot humid air is discharged from the fan to the atmosphere. The rest of the spray water flows into the water basin, and is then sent to the spray system by the water pump. In this way, the medium in the cooling coil is cooled and cooled.

Closed cooling tower  has two modes: air cooling alone and air cooling + spray water cooling. The switching of the two modes is automatically realized by the electronic control system according to the working conditions, thus achieving energy saving and consumption reduction.