FRP Cooling tower design, The design in water cooling towers depends on the location where the boiler is located as well as on the design working conditions.

Both the locality and the location of the cooling tower, the air quality at the location where it is located, and the obstacles that occur as the warming air is thrown away are always factors to be considered in design.

The tower should be able to make clear and easy air suction around n. Suction of sucked air at low speed is crucial to the success of the design. The fact that the air is in high speed will cause unwanted outside particles to enter into the tower with a vacuum effect and cause the clog to block quickly.

However, the presence of elevations in excess of the height of the tower around the tower may cause the humid air in the tower to be undesirably returned to the tower suction.

Location information is a big influence on pump intake. The positioning of the suction pump at a low level of the tower is the most important factor preventing the pump from making air.Cooling tower design