The cooling tower is an atmospheric device. The closed-circuit cooling tower, which we installed in Macedonia, was quickly assembled by our professional team. In this system, the hot water entering the tower is sprayed downwards on the fillings and the air moves from the bottom upwards. Thus, evaporation is provided by the water filtered downwards through the filling. The water entering the cooling tower is cooled depending on the wet thermometer conditions.
Water cooling tower can be counter, cross or parallel flow. The cooling tower produced by CTP Engineering is designed as counter flow. Counterflow towers are preferred for reasons of high cooling performance, low energy consumption and more successful approach to wet thermometer temperature
The water cooling tower is used to meet the cold water needed in the process with industrial and comfort air conditioning applications. Especially in industrial processes where very cold water is not required, the cooling tower is an environmentally friendly system with low operating costs. It is an indispensable equipment as a water source having an aqueous type condenser and the heat source of which the coolers discharge heat. In particular, they provide high energy efficient cooling in system solutions such as water source chiller and vrf systems, centrifugal chiller and absorption chiller.

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