Grp cooling tower, we are active in the field of cooling tower manufacturing in Egypt. Civilizations water cooling towers in Egypt, the cradle of spare parts and professional installation services are performed by GRP Engineering is headquartered in Turkey.Water Cooling Tower is used in various facilities to cool the heating water, re-use, to cool the system to remove unnecessary heat from the system. Water Cooling Tower In a way serve as the factory's radiator. tower cooling

Water Cooling Tower are compact units designed to provide optimum cooling. The assembled towers are ready for water and electrical connection. The sheet metal coating and plastic filling materials used are resistant to safe use conditions. The motor and fans are integrated into the side or top of the tower. ctp tower
HVAC Free Cooling - Water Cooling Tower allows a free cooling system to meet the cooling needs of a building without the need to run the chiller directly in cold weather. The purpose of the free cooling system is to save energy. It must be in place for a free cooling system to be considered.
Variable Flow - Cooling tower can be operated under variable flow in supply - demand conditions. Water cooling tower can provide significant energy savings. roadway water tower
Original parts - We offer a reliable product with our experienced engineer team, We are pleased to build original parts with long service life and high standards.
Filling - One of the most important components of a cooling tower is the filling. The maximum contact between the air and water on the surface provides the filling material. The more frequent the surface, the more efficient the cooling tower is. There are two basic fillers. These splash-type fillers (water breaks) and film-type fillers (water spreads as a thin layer). niba water cooling towers

Water Cooling Tower Application Area

Workshops ctp cooling tower
Hotels & Resorts
Business & Shopping Centers
Air Conditioning Facilities
Cold Storage
Cooling Groups
Plastic Injection Molding Machines etc.