We have completed the installation of water cooling tower in Algeria, one of the most popular countries of North Africa. Water Cooling Towers serve various industrial units. Injection molds in the production of plastic products Steel rolling and composite metal industry Metal hardening and glass industry Pressure furnaces and vacuum molding units Chiller units water cooled condenser circuits rubber and plastic strip in the seal line and can be used as a stand alone or as an aid to the system for all water cooling equipments.

Continuous air flow downstream of the system chamber continuously continues to flow continuously downward to the water surface. the molecules in the water over heat to keep heat from water.The serpentine special drawing pipes used in the tower chamber are copper serpentines which are formed by bending them without using additional elbow or t accessories.

These coils are designed to meet all of their calories and capacities without prolonged extension of the pipe flow path with high hydraulic pressure collector system.The serpentines that are washed in the tower continue to serve the tower without making oxide for many years as the immersion is electro galvanized and the system does not form acidic liquid.

As Ctp Engineering, we provide water cooling tower services in all cities of Algeria. We are also the supplier of cooling tower spare parts. We ship cargo to all over the world on the same day.